Different Wood Used To Make Wooden Pendant Lights

The Different Types of Wood Used in Wooden Pendant Lights

Wooden pendant lights not only illuminate your surroundings with a soft glow but also enhance the beauty of your interior. These new, unique lighting fixtures bring nature's artistry to your aesthetic.

Selecting the perfect wood for your wooden pendant light can be a journey. It is almost like navigating through a vibrant forest of different woods. Moreover, the type of wood used in lighting fixtures dramatically affects design and durability.

Different Types of Wood

In this guide, we will dive into the captivating world of different woods that can be used to craft wooden pendant lights.

So, let's explore some popular wood types!

Elegance Engineered Wood

Engineered wood also known as mass timber, composite wood, human-made wood, or produced board, refers to various derivative wood products.

The pendant lights can be crafted from engineered wood as engineered wood offers both affordability and aesthetics.

There are two well-known engineered woods

Wood Material

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a popular engineered wood that promotes sustainability. It has a smooth surface with a uniform grain pattern that gives a sleek and clean finish. It offers a unique combination of affordability, versatility, and practicality.

Unlike solid wood, MDF is sturdier and less prone to cracking. Moreover, it has better moisture resistance, so your wooden pendant light will remain intact during humidity changes.

To make things extra fun, MDF can also be painted. So, you can paint it any color to make your aesthetic.

The trending wooden pendant light which is made from MDF woods is Whale wooden pendant light. 

wooden whale pendant lightWood Whale Pendant Light DIY Ceiling Chandelier Lamp For Home Decor

The product is a best-seller on Etsy, with numerous positive reviews. With $99.99 for the small size and $239.99 for the large size, you may have one of the most popular lights in your home.


Plywood is another common engineered wood. It is often used in several wooden projects. It is made from sheets of wood glued together in an alternating grain direction. Moreover, plywood has exceptional strength and stability, guaranteeing that your wooden pendant light will be sturdy.

Plywood can add a touch of industrial chic or modern flair to your wooden pendant light. Moreover, plywood is sustainable and made from recycled wood fiber and residues. So, stylize your lighting fixtures and minimize environmental impact simultaneously.

Monsterra Wood Pendant LightMonstera Leaf PlyWood Pendant Light For Restaurant Decor

Light and Airy Choices of Wooden Pendant Light

If you want something that radiates lightness, free spirit, and airy aesthetics, then there are a few woods to choose from. Usually, woods like Maple, Ash, and Birch woods are perfect examples of that specific aesthetic. A wood pendant like Scandinavian or Bohemian style will look phenomenal with these types of wood.

Maple Wood

The maple wood boasts a fine, tight grain and a light ethereal color. If your house has the aesthetic of a white minimalist, clean look, then maple wood is an excellent option. It creates a clean and modern-looking wood pendant. Using this type of wood to craft a Scandinavian, bohemian, or modern-style wooden pendant will elevate the look of your house.

There can be some subtle variations of maple, like brown maple, wormy brown maple, and tiger maple. However, if you want a bit funky look, you can look into rustic brown maple wood.

The light tone of maple wood allows the pendant light to encapsulate the minimalist look seamlessly. It feels clutter-free and visually sophisticated. Additionally, the light color also helps to accentuate the clean finish of the wooden pendant lights.

Maple Wooden Pendant Light

Ash Wood

If you are looking for wood with tighter grain and more texture, then Ash wood is a good choice. This wood type adds warmth while maintaining a clean, minimalistic look. Ashwood can easily blend effortlessly with various styles.

The ash wood almost has a honey-colored hue with a more prominent grain pattern. This can quickly level up your wooden pendant design. Ashwood will give a sleek, modern finish. So, modern wooden pendant lights with geometric, teardrop, sphere, or cube designs will look stunning with this wood.

Ash Wood Pendant Lamp

Birch Wood

Birch is another ideal wood for a light and airy feel. It has a light, creamy color with a uniform grain design. The birch wood gives a sun-bleached vibe, making it a fantastic choice for coastal-style pendant lights.

You can use birch wood to make coastal and farmhouse-style pendant lights. These types of wood are great for kitchen lighting fixtures to give an airy feeling. Moreover, the smooth surface of birch wood can reflect light beautifully, which makes it perfect when brightness is a priority. Birch Wood combines natural elegance with a light-enhancing quality.

Birch Wood Pendant Light

Wood Pendant Light to Create Warm and Inviting Embrace

Wooden pendant lights look luxurious and elegant and are made of warm woods like oak, walnut, and mahogany. These are some of the most commonly used woods when it comes to wooden pendant lights. Moreover, these rustic color holds a timeless warmth, adding an elegant touch to your interior.

Oak Wood

Oak is a classic choice and will always be one of the popular choices. Oakwood is classic and versatile and offers various strong grain patterns. Oakwood has an inviting brown color that holds the true epitome of wooden furniture.

Oak wood is very sophisticated and ageless. It is one of the best choices for rustic styles. Imagine the warm glow from the oak pendant light, making your surroundings look ageless. Moreover, oak wood is quite sturdy, so you can expect your wooden pendant light to last a while.

Birch Wood Pendant Light

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is another warm brown color that embraces the actual wooden color. It radiates a strong, inviting embrace of nature. The walnut wood also has a unique grain pattern that can elevate your wooden pendant light’s beauty.

The sumptuous wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It gives a combination of mid-century and modern look. You can use this wood to make an eclectic wooden pendant light. Moreover, using walnut wood to decorate your living space or dining area can quickly transform the entire look of your house.

Walnut Wood Pendant Light

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood exhibits a grandeur and reddish hue. The grain pattern is also sophisticated with a swirling pattern. Mahogany wood also has a timeless aesthetic, just like oak wood.

The mahogany wood is your go-to if you want a dramatic look with the same warm, inviting aesthetic. Using this wood in your living or reading area can accentuate richness. You can try mahogany wood for rustic-style wooden pendant lights.

Unique Wooden Pendant Light for Exotic Touches

Of course, the wood choices expand way beyond the classic woods. There are some exotic wood choices that you can look into to customize your wooden pendant light. Wood, like mango and bamboo wood, is an excellent choice for something different.

Mango Wood

Mango wood has a warm golden hue to it. It can range from a honeyed hue to a rich golden brown. The grain texture has a wavy pattern that makes the wood look fun and different. Mango good is one of the best woods for experimenting.

You can use mango wood to add a touch of exotic style to your wooden pendant lighting fixtures. Moreover, the aesthetic will be really elevated if you design bohemian wooden pendant lights with mango wood. The warm tone and organic texture will create a relaxing and inviting feeling. Decorating your house corner with mango wooden pendant lights and some plants can create a small nature haven.

 Mango Wood Pendant Light

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo can also be used for wooden pendant lights, which are both stylish and sustainable. The bamboo look will give a tropical beachy vibe to your interior. The coastal style will be stunning with bamboo wood as the soft light emits through the pendant light. Moreover, bamboo wood can also be used to satisfy your bohemian dream.

You can use bamboo and other materials like metal or woven elements to make the wooden pendant light more luxurious. Bamboo wood is a bridge between modernity and nature.

Bamboo Wooden Pendant Light


The best wood for your wooden pendant light depends on your style, budget, and desired functionality. You need to consider factors such as weight, color, grain, durability, and design options. Some designs may look good with engineered wood, and some may not. Similarly, you don’t always have to use solid wood like oak, mahogany, or walnut. You can mix and match and customize the way you want it.

If affordability and design flexibility are your priority, then MDF and plywood are the best choices. However, if you are looking for the natural touch of wood, then you can look into solid wood.

At the 194 Craft House lighting collection, we bring you a curated selection of the finest designs for every style and preference.

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