Choose the Right Wood Pendant Light

How To Choose the Right Wood Pendant Light for Your Home Decor

Wood pendant lights have become a popular trend in home decor, offering both warmth and charm to living spaces. These unique lighting fixtures not only provide illumination but also serve as captivating focal points.

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However, with a wide variety of styles, materials, and sizes available, selecting the perfect wood pendant light for your home can be a daunting task.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal wood pendant light that complements your home decor.

Factors to consider when choosing a wood pendant light

When embarking on the journey to choose the ideal wood pendant light for your space, several key factors come into play. These factors will help you narrow down your options, ensuring that the pendant light you choose not only complements your decor but also meets your functional requirements.

Let's delve into these considerations, starting with the first factor.

Number of Wood Pendant Lights

Determine how much light the pendant lighting fixture needs to provide. Consider the activities that will be performed in the room and assess how much lighting those activities require.

Numer of pendant lights

On the other hand, if the room lacks other sources of light or if existing lighting is insufficient for your needs, this should be a significant factor in your decision. Some pendant lights provide more illumination than others, so choose one that can adequately brighten your space.

Style of Wood Pendant Light

The style of your wood pendant light is a crucial factor to consider. Wood pendant lights come in various designs, ranging from rustic and industrial to modern and traditional.

Therefore, it's essential to choose a style that aligns with your overall home decor theme. Whether you're aiming for a rustic farmhouse look or a sleek contemporary design, there's a wood pendant light style to suit your preferences.

Your home's decor theme should harmonize with the wood pendant light you choose.

For instance, if you have a coastal decor theme, a wood whale pendant light might be the perfect fit. On the other hand, if you prefer an industrial look, a weathered metal and wood pendant light could be more suitable.

Wood Whale Pendant Light

Living Spaces

Consider the specific living spaces where you plan to install the wood pendant light. Different areas may require different styles or sizes of pendant lights. Here's how to approach different living spaces:

  • Kitchen:

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. A wood pendant light over the island or countertop can provide focused illumination for cooking and meal preparation.

Wood Pendant Light for Kitchen Island

  • Dining Room:

    The dining room is an ideal place to showcase a wood pendant light as a centerpiece. Consider a dimmable pendant light to set the right mood for different dining occasions, from intimate dinners to festive gatherings. This creates a warm and inviting ambiance for meals.

    Wood Pendant Lighting for Dining Room

    • Living Room:

    Pendant lights can serve as ambient lighting in the living room, a versatile space for relaxation and entertainment. Opt for a wood pendant light that provides soft, diffused light to create a cozy atmosphere.

    Wood Pendant Lamp for Living Room

    • Bedroom:

    The right wood pendant light can add warmth and intimacy to a bedroom, creating a personal retreat. For a tranquil atmosphere, soft and warm light is recommended. Installing a dimmer switch allows you to adjust the pendant light's brightness according to your mood and activities in the bedroom.

    • Bathroom:

    Wood pendant lights in the bathroom can create a spa-like ambiance. Ensure the pendant light is designed for bathroom use and can withstand moisture. Look for fixtures with appropriate IP ratings. Placing pendant lights on either side of the bathroom mirror provides even and shadow-free illumination for grooming.

    • Entry:

    The entryway sets the tone for your home, and pendant lights can make a welcoming statement. A large wood pendant light in the entry foyer creates a stunning first impression. It should be proportional to the foyer's size and ceiling height.

    Wood Ceiling Light for Entry

    • Patio & Outdoors:

    For outdoor use, select wood pendant lights designed to withstand the elements. Look for fixtures made from durable materials like teak or treated wood.

    Commercial Areas

    In commercial areas, the choice of wood pendant lights plays a significant role in creating the right ambiance. Here are considerations for different commercial spaces:

    • Hotels and Resorts:

    To create a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere for guests, opt for wood pendant lights that exude elegance and match the overall decor theme of the establishment. Chandeliers or larger pendant fixtures can make a grand statement in hotel lobbies and dining areas.

    Wooden Pendant Light in Hotels

    •  Restaurants and Cafes:

    Lighting can enhance the dining experience and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Pendant lights should complement the dining space without overwhelming it.

    • Clubs and Bars:

    Clubs and bars aim to create vibrant and dynamic atmospheres. When selecting wood pendant lights for these venues, consider fixtures with unique shapes and designs that can create visually striking focal points. Ensure that the wooden pendant lights are durable and safe for patrons.

    • Storefronts:

    Pendant lights in storefronts help attract customers and showcase merchandise. Therefore, they should provide ample illumination to make the shop visible and inviting, even during evening hours.

    Wood Whale Pendant Lamp in Storefronts

    • Office:

    Pendant lights in office spaces contribute to a productive and comfortable working environment. When hanging them above workstations or conference tables, ensure they provide adequate task lighting without causing glare on screens.

    • School:

    Pendant lights in educational settings should enhance the learning environment while promoting energy efficiency. Consider fixtures with diffusers to reduce glare.

    Type of Wood of Pendant Light

    The type of wood used in the pendant light greatly affects its appearance and durability. Here are some popular wood types used in wood pendant lights:

    Natural Wood

    The most popular wood pendants are made of hardwood like walnut, oak, and cherry, and softwood such as pine or mahogany from exotic and dark wood.

    Different types of wood materials

    • Walnut:

    Walnut wood boasts a rich, luxurious appearance with unique grain patterns. It's durable but can darken over time.

    • Oak:

    Oak is classic and versatile, offering various colors and strong grain patterns. It's resistant to moisture but relatively heavy.

    • Cherry:

    Cherry wood develops a warm patina over time and has smooth grain patterns. It's suitable for intricate designs but can initially be lighter in color.

    • Pine:

    Pinewood has a rustic charm with a light color. It's affordable and lightweight but prone to dents and scratches.

    • Mahogany:

    Mahogany exhibits a luxurious reddish-brown color with fine-grain patterns. It's resistant to decay but can be costly and less available.

    Engineered Wood

    Two well-known of this type are:

    • MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard):

    One of the notable aspects of MDF wood is its consistent surface quality, facilitating easy customization and finishing.

    Moreover, MDF wood is designed for strength and durability, making it a dependable option for creating pendant lights that can endure daily usage.

    In comparison to traditional wood choices, MDF wood offers cost savings, appealing to those in search of top-notch materials at a reasonable price.

    Manufacturers often use reclaimed wood fibers and residues in the production of MDF wood, promoting eco-friendly practices. Opting for MDF in crafting your wooden pendant light contributes to sustainability by utilizing recycled resources and reducing waste.

    MDF and Plywood

    • Plywood:

    Plywood is a commonly utilized construction material due to its adaptability and numerous benefits in diverse applications. It is produced by layering thin sheets of wood veneer, with each layer positioned in alternating grain orientations. This arrangement of grains significantly amplifies plywood's resilience, imparting robustness and the ability to endure different pressures and tensions.

    Plywood offers a favorable balance between cost and performance, rendering it a cost-effective option for crafting wooden pendant lights, especially when mindful of budget constraints. The strength and durability of plywood guarantee a worthwhile return on your investment in terms of enduring quality.

    This is why MDF wood and Plywood are a popular choice for crafting wooden pendant lights

    Shapes of Wood Pendant Light

    Wood pendant lights come in various shapes, from traditional to contemporary. The shape of the pendant light can influence the way it disperses light and its visual impact in the room. Consider these popular shapes:

    Drum Shade Pendant Lighting

    Drum-shaped wood pendant lights feature a cylindrical design with a flat top and bottom. They offer a classic and versatile look, suitable for a range of interior styles.

    Drum pendant light


    Cylinder-shaped pendant lights are similar to drum lights but tend to be taller and narrower. They provide a sleek and contemporary appearance, often used in modern interiors.

    Cylinder Lighting


    Globe-shaped wood pendant lights have a spherical or orb-like design. They create a warm and inviting ambiance, making them a popular choice for dining areas and living rooms.


    Teardrop pendant lights have a distinctive tapered shape resembling a droplet. They add a touch of elegance and can serve as focal points in various spaces.


    Geometric wood pendant lights come in various angular shapes, such as hexagons, triangles, and rectangles. They offer a modern and artistic look, perfect for adding visual interest to a room.


    Oval-shaped pendant lights provide a unique and dynamic appearance. They work well in spaces where a touch of creativity and sophistication is desired.

    Cluster Ceiling Lights

    Cluster pendant lights consist of multiple pendants grouped together. They create a dramatic and eye-catching effect, often used in contemporary and eclectic interiors.


    Sculptural wood pendant lights are artistic and one-of-a-kind. They can take on abstract or organic forms, serving as both lighting and art pieces.

    Linear Pendant Light

    Linear pendant lights have a rectangular or elongated shape, making them ideal for illuminating dining tables, kitchen islands, or long countertops.


    Bowl-shaped pendant lights have a rounded, concave design resembling an upside-down bowl. They provide a soft and diffused light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

    Special Shapes

    The diversity of wooden pendant light shapes is countless. Various creative and unique shapes are crafted, drawing inspiration from different themes.

    For instance, the wood whale pendant light captures the essence of a whale through expertly crafted woodwork, illustrating the ingenuity and artistic expression found in these designs.

    Not only do these inventive shapes provide illumination, but they also serve as decorative accents, elevating the overall ambiance and style of the space.

    This fusion of artistic creativity and functionality transforms them into captivating and engaging elements in interior design.

    Size of Wood Pendant Light

    Selecting the right size for your wood pendant light is crucial to achieving a balanced look in your space.

    Here's how to determine the appropriate size:

    Ceiling Height

    Start by considering the height of your ceiling. This will help you decide whether a pendant light is suitable for your space or if a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture would be better.

    For ceilings that are higher than 8 feet, pendant lighting or a chandelier would work perfectly.

    • For ceilings 8 feet or lower, opt for a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture.
    • For ceilings higher than 8 feet, pendant lighting or a chandelier is a great choice.

    Light Fixture Width

    The diameter of your pendant light should be proportionate to the area it illuminates. To find the ideal diameter:

    • Add the length and width of your room in feet.
    • Convert the total to inches (1 foot = 12 inches).
    • The resulting sum in inches is your ideal diameter for the light fixture.


    Height 9′ x Length 11′ x Width 12′

    L 11’ + W 12′ =22′

    22 feet → 264 inches

    Light Fixture Height

    To determine the ideal height for your pendant light:

    • Multiply the height of your ceiling by 2.5 to 3 inches per foot.
    • Convert the result to inches.


      Height 12′

      12″ x 2.5″ – 3″ = 30″ – 36″

      Over The Kitchen Island

      When hanging a pendant light over a kitchen island, consider the following:

      • Maintain a distance of around 70 to 80cm (approximately 28 to 32 inches) above the island bench.
      • Adjust accordingly for higher ceilings and pendant light types.

        To determine the best size as well as how many pendants to use, follow the steps below.

        • Measure the island or bar in inches to determine your width.
        • Use that number and subtract 12 inches.
        • The maximum diameter of the pendant lighting will be the number you get in step 2.
        • When spacing the pendant lighting, consider the length of the island and use about 16″ in-between lights.

          Calculation: Surface Width x 12″ = Maximum Diameter


          Surface Width 30″

          30″ – 12″ = 18″ = Maximum Diameter

          Above The Dining Table

          When positioning a pendant light over a table:

          • Center the light fixture directly over the table.
          • Hang it approximately 70 to 80cm (approximately 28 to 32 inches) above the tabletop.
          • Ensure that the light is positioned about 20 to 30cm (approximately 8 to 12 inches) from the edges of the table

            Above The Bed

            Pendant lights work well in bedrooms, providing both general and ambient lighting. When installing them:

            • Hang pendants 35 to 50cm (approximately 14 to 20 inches) above bedside tables.
            • If placing a pendant light above the bed, ensure it is at least 2.1 meters (approximately 7 feet) above the floor.

              Type of Light Bulb

              Selecting the right light bulb for your wood pendant light is essential for achieving the desired ambiance. Here are some common types:

              Type of Light Bulb

              • Incandescent Bulbs:

              These bulbs produce light by heating a filament until it glows. They do not contain mercury and can be used with dimmer switches.

              • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL):

              CFLs give off light when exposed to ultraviolet light from mercury atoms. They are energy-efficient and last longer but contain mercury.

              • Light Emitting Diode (LED):

              LEDs use semiconductor material to emit light. They are highly energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and do not contain mercury.

              • Halogen:

              Halogen bulbs operate similarly to incandescent bulbs but use less energy. They do not contain mercury and have a shorter lifespan.


              Lumens measure the amount of light emitted from a bulb. The more lumens a bulb has, the brighter the light. A standard 100-watt bulb produces about 1600 lumens.


              Watts indicate the amount of energy a light bulb consumes. Lower-wattage bulbs are more energy-efficient. CFLs and LEDs have lower wattage than incandescent bulbs but emit the same amount of light.

              Light Color

              Light color, or light appearance, is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. Lower Kelvin numbers produce warmer, yellowish light, while higher Kelvin numbers create cooler, bluer light.

              Where to Buy Wood Pendant Light

              After narrowing down your choices, you'll need to know where to find the perfect wood pendant light. Here are two options.

              Online Retailers

              Online retailers offer a vast selection of wood pendant lights in various styles and price ranges.

              Shopping online provides convenience and the opportunity to read reviews and compare prices. You can quickly identify the best value for your budget. Some well-known online retailers include Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

              Additionally, consider exploring niche platforms like 194 Craft House lighting collection that cater to different design preferences and budgets.

              Local stores

              Visiting a local lighting store allows you to see the pendant lights in person and receive expert advice from store staff. It's also a great way to support local businesses.

              Local store staff often have extensive knowledge about lighting and can provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences. They can recommend suitable fixtures for your space.

              In Short

              Crafting the perfect ambiance in your home or commercial space with a wood pendant light requires careful consideration of these factors.

              By choosing the right style, size, and wood material, you can elevate your decor and create a welcoming atmosphere that complements your unique style and needs.

              Whether it's for your kitchen, living room, or a commercial establishment, the right wood pendant light can make a world of difference in your space.

              Quick Buying Tips

              • Measure the Entire Room:

              Before making a purchase, measure the entire room to get a sense of the space. This will help you determine how many pendant lights you need and where to place them for the perfect balance of light.

              • Consider Different Pendant Types and Materials:

              Explore a variety of pendant types and materials to find the ones that best match your decor theme. Whether it's wood, metal, glass, or other materials, choose pendants that complement your style.

              • Follow a Rough Measuring Guide:

              Use a rough measuring guide to determine the perfect hanging height for your pendant lights. Factors like ceiling height and the purpose of the pendant light should influence this decision.

              • Consider Cord Pendants and Designer Bulbs:

              To create a unique and personalized look, consider cord pendants and designer bulbs. These elements can add a touch of creativity and style to your lighting.

              • Draw Out a Lighting Layout:

              Before making a final decision, draw out a lighting layout for your space. This visual plan will help you see how the pendant lights will fit and which arrangement suits your room best.

              • Consult an Electrician:

              Ensure you consult with an electrician about the installation of your pendant lights. Professional installation is essential for safety and proper functionality.

              Wooden Pendant Light Buying Checklist

              Pendant Type: Have you determined the type of pendant light you need that suits your decor and functional requirements?
              Room and Ceiling Height: Are you aware of the measurements of both the room and the ceiling height to ensure the pendant is proportionate?
              Decor Style: Have you considered your decor style to ensure the pendant light complements the overall theme of your space?
              Bulb Base Type: Have you chosen the correct bulb base type that is compatible with your pendant fixture?
              Fixture Type: Do you know whether you need a hardwired or plug-in pendant light fixture?
              Professional Advice: Have you consulted with a qualified electrician to discuss the desired placement and installation of your pendant light?



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