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42oz Pantry Jar With Lid Laser Engraved Text - Kitchen Counter Decor

42oz Pantry Jar With Lid Laser Engraved Text - Kitchen Counter Decor

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Natural and environmentally friendly wood, sealed and with good corrosion resistance, isolating moisture and air.

The lid has a two-layer structure: the top is natural wood, and the inside is a plastic layer combined with a moisture-proof and good-air-tight silicone seal, preventing small insects from entering. It is convenient to wash in water.

High borosilicate glass can withstand a temperature difference of -20°C to 150°C in an instant, and it can be heated in a microwave oven, over an open fire, or in a refrigerator.


  • The glass jar is the best for personalized gifts: The best unique gift for everyone for any occasion such as a housewarming gift, new home gift, hostess gift, kitchen favor, restaurant grand opening, etc. as the wooden lid can be engraved with your own message.
  • The glass jar for decor: Great items are suitable for any decoration style from vintage, farmhouse, or bohemian style to rustic decorating in home and living, kitchen decor, party decor, coffee table decor, centerpieces, and pantry cabinets.
  • The glass jar for storage & organization, cabinets & food storage, and serving: The eco-friendly wooden utensils are safe to use and it's a must-have in any vintage farmhouse kitchen and dining.

If you don’t see any glass jars you want, we're happy to offer you another style that suits your requirements.

Your purchase would be very valuable to us because it will help small businesses and crafters keep their job and continue creating more eco-friendly and sustainable craft art.

Any feedback is welcomed. There is nothing happier for us than to see customers making the decision to shop with us. If there are any problems with our products, please let us know.


If you choose engraving option, please send us the engraving according to the form below to us by email:, we will make a demo design for you to review before engraving.

  1. Content to be engraved.
  2. Engraving position.
  3. Font and Icon (Optional)

If we do not receive the content email or after we send the demo back to you within 12 hours without a response, we will default and complete the order.


Simply provide us with your message, and we will design and customize your message to make it memorable and impressive to the receiver. We choose kraft paper, an environmentally friendly material.



  • Processing time: 2-3 business days.
  • Standard shipping time: 8-10 business days.
  • Fast shipping time: 3-5 business days.
  • Noted: If you need urgent please contact us via email:, we will assist you if possible
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