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Wooden Heart Spoon For Wedding Favors Perfect Gifts of Love

According to a survey of nearly 10,000 newlyweds who married in 2023, the average wedding favors and gift cost $450. Finding distinctive, sustainable, and perfect wedding favors that do not break the bank remains an ongoing struggle. This year, new couples can take advantage of 194 Craft House's personalized and cost-effective wedding favors, wooden heart spoons.

Wooden Heart Spoon Gift Set for Couple

As useful cooking tools and worthy gifts, these charming heart wooden spoons combine practicality with aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for many varied weddings decor.

Find out why you need to have wooden heart spoons from 194 Craft House.

Why Choosing Wooden Heart Spoon as a Wedding Favors from 194 Craft House?

Personalization Options

One of the standout features of wooden heart spoons is their potential for personalization. These spoons can be customized in various ways to reflect your unique style and wedding theme.

The spoons themselves can also be engraved in one’s name, date, or any message preferred when paying a visit to 194 Craft House. It is an option in having an engraving of a personalized message on every spoon; thus it becomes a treasure with your visitors to take home with them.

Also, 194 Craft House is ready to provide you with more information and even assist in developing that specific design. It means we can do the best we can.

Personalized wooden heart spoons not only serve as functional items but also as meaningful keepsakes that your guests will cherish long after the wedding day.

Design Variations

Variety in the design of wooden spoons for the heart from 194 Craft House is among the aspects that boost its popularity.

They have many kinds that can fit the various themes of weddings and even the personal preferences of the bride and groom. The plain and classy to more complex and complicated designs, they really do offer it all here.

This variety offers buyers an opportunity to select a design that best fits a wedding to ensure it gives the desired look.

Practicality and Functionality

There is one more advantage of wooden heart spoons that has to be mentioned: wooden heart spoons are rather versatile in terms of their use. The use of these spoons is not limited to the wedding event but can be done before, during, or after the wedding.

They might be viewed as fairly decorative pieces to be put on the wedding reception center table or in a gift basket to bring to the guests at a wedding party.

Then, they can be used and served for stirring coffee or tea, eating or serving, and so on in daily life. This makes them functional because they are supposed to be used for several years.

Symbolism and Rustic Charm

The heart-shaped wooden spoons are a perfect choice for a wedding since the heart design is rather love and noble, which inspires comfort and adds warmth to the atmosphere. Therefore, these spoons would easily suit any type of wedding decor, like outdoor, farmhouse, or vintage.

The natural grain of the wood combined with the shape of the heart serves a very elegant and classic purpose which will be a good appeal to so many people. Wooden heart spoons do not have the same mass-production feel as plastic favors and appeal to the eye more than plastic ones do at weddings.

Made With Love Engraved Wooden Heart Spoon

Eco-friendly Choice

In the developed modern world where the issue of protecting the environment has become paramount, couples have to look for environmentally friendly gifts which to use at their wedding.

That's why a person who wants to preserve nature should take wooden heart spoons. Such spoons are environmentally friendly and decompose naturally; therefore, the spoons do not pollute the environment through plastics. Thus, by using wooden heart spoons, you are participating in the improvement and the transition towards a more environmentally friendly culture.


The artisanship of the heart wooden spoons from 194 Craft House is outstanding. The intricate work put into each spoon makes them perfect and with a high finish.

These skills have been perfected by the artisans at 194 Craft House, which results in beautifully designed spoons that reflect an air of gracefulness and elegance. This sort of originality gives assurance to any potential client that each spoon can serve as a piece of art in itself and still function.

High-Quality Wood

Quality is the major concern of 194 Craft House, so the wooden spoons are made from high-quality Doussie wood for longevity and a good look.

These have to be observed in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of each spoon due to its natural wood grain, which gives it a distinctive appearance. In addition, this high-quality material guarantees that these spoons are strong enough to survive long after the wedding day for various uses.

Affordable Price for Wholesale Orders

When it comes to price, 194 Craft House proves affordable as it has budget prices and is best suited for large quantity orders.

Engaged couples in preparation for their wedding ceremony looking for a great special favor that will find the deal appealing. Incredible quality and selection at a fraction of the price is a great way to spend more for other wedding activities.

Buy a lot at once, yet when compared to other ‘higher’ products, they are relatively cheap and you get to give your guests these cool items.

You can sign up our wholesale program for affordable price


Glowing feedback from previous buyers proves that 194 Craft House offers quality products and excellent services. Bridals love the beautiful craftsmanship, customization options, and affordable price points of the heart-shaped wooden spoons. People also appreciate the excellent support and fast delivery, which makes 194 Craft House popular for ordering wedding souvenirs.


It is wise to use wooden heart spoons for wedding favors since it will be a way of showing appreciation to those who honored your big day. They are environmentally friendly and customizable as well as have a rather homely, which makes them ideal for a wedding.

To have heart wooden spoons from 194 Craft House selected for distribution as the wedding favors is more than just an elegant and inexpensive decision. Structural differences in our designs, the opportunity to choose engraved mockups, the use of high-quality materials, and excellent workmanship distinguish us. These are functional and useful spoons, which have received a positive response, and affordable prices after ordering in large quantities.

By buying these cute spoons, you are acquiring unique and meaningful wedding favors but also supporting a company with attention to environmental responsibility.

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