194 Craft House

The Vietnamese Eco-friendly, sustainable products brands

for Home & Living decor, and Gifts for all occasions.

At 194 Craft House, we aim to strike a balance between sustainability and functionality with any product we sell.

All of our eco-friendly items, including home furniture, kitchen and dining decor, garden decor, wall hanging decor, art and collectibles, wooden utensils, bowls, and drinkware, are handcrafted in Vietnam from natural materials sourced sustainably.

194 Craft House’s Story

Our simple idea is to provide new experiences through handcrafted wood items that are both pleasant to people and the world, and are created with all passion by the skilled hands of Vietnamese artisans.

194 Craft House was created by three members of the 9x generation who share a common passion in Vietnamese traditional products and a desire to share their beauty with people all over the world.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to daily plastic products. We hope that by sharing our best wood products, we will inspire and bond family members.

We engage in both activism and social entrepreneurship. Our mission is to reduce waste while fostering a green lifestyle that benefits farmers and artisans in Vietnam as well as the planet we live on.

We will never accomplish this goal without your help and encouragement, whether you are familiar with 194 Craft House or are hearing about it for the first time. In the hope for the future, you and I will try to accompany each other and write the story “194 Craft House”.

Commitment To Quality

We are damaging the planet, and it is avoidable.

We should all take modest measures to reduce our environmental impact. This can only be accomplished by making a deliberate effort to replace basic things we use in our daily lives with eco-friendly goods in order to make a significant effect, and this is how we transform the world.

Based on four criteria, 194 Craft House only selects materials that have the least environmental effects.

  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable.
  • The Aesthetics & Use-Value.
  • Personalization.
  • Affordable Price

The Founders

Thoai Bui Avatar Founder 194 Craft House2
Thoai Bui (Mr.)


Khanh Ngo (Ms.)


Quy Truong (Mr.)