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How to WRAP A GIFT - DIY wrap gift handmade by 194 Craft House

How to wrap a gift box with a carton box and kraft paper in 9 steps?

194 Craft House utilizes and uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as carton boxes and kraft paper to wrap a gift box for all products sent to our customers because every product…

Cookingware - Wooden Kitchen Utensisl and Dinningware Handmade by 194 Craft House

This Is The Assorted design Wooden Spoon of 194 Craft House You’ll Ever Have To Buy

The quarantine has been hard — especially in my kitchen. Because I’ve been cooking more these last few months than ever before, my kitchen — more specifically, all its gear — has…

k Photo Lifestyle 2020 12 Tools Showdown Wood Conditioner tools showdown wood oil lead 1

5 Different Ways of Caring for Wood Cutting Boards & Spoons — Here’s the Best One

No kitchen is complete without at least one wood cutting board and a few wooden spoons. Wood won’t scratch your cookware, is naturally antibacterial, and is as durable as it is beautiful…

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